All the fabric just folds into the front pocket to create a drawstring bag to store your snuggle bug. Simply turn the pocket inside out and tuck all the fabric inside.

1..and look at the beautiful new packaging!

..and we’re live!

Please visit our lovely new website at http://www.snugglebug.co.za.

Dad rocking a Snuggle Bug

This is a great article about Dads. Our Dads love Snuggle Bug!
http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5718727 Chad

Baking day!

Here is Kerry with her baby Emma who is 7 weeks old! They both love the snuggle bug. Kerry made shortbread the other day while carrying Emma in her snuggle bug. She couldn’t believe how easy it was and all the while Emma was a comfy happy baby!


Dads and Grans

Who thought snuggle bugs were only made for moms?

image image

Angelika is loving her Snuggle Bug! Little Diagon is so comfy and close. Angelika loves how conveniently she can feed him while he’s still wrapped up!image 1

image 3

image 4


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